Collection: Headlight Harness

I met Marilyn, the founder of Headlight Harness at my first ever Super Pet Expo in New Jersey, a few months before Kiba was born. Immediately, I knew this was the harness and leash that I wanted to trust with my puppy. Getting hands-on with the quality of the product really sealed the deal for me. I left my contact details with Marilyn, and eagerly awaited the birth of Kiba. The day he came home, I was ready with my first Headlight Harness order, and I quickly grew my collection to almost every color available. Although Headlight Harness products are durable, attractive and practical, they have also truly helped me to keep my jet-black dog safe at night, and visible to both me and the traffic around us. In 2022, I even went one step further and created my own limited edition “EMerald” harness and leash set, which SO many of you loved. Be sure to check out the highlight reel ‘Harness’ on my official Instagram account. I love sharing and showcasing the pups who wear my EMerald set!