How I Keep My Pets Hydrated on Summer Adventures!

How I Keep My Pets Hydrated on Summer Adventures!

Oh hi! It's me, Em, your HIGHLY EXTRA dog momther checking in with my first blog post of 2024!

The sun is starting to make a regular appearance here in Massachusetts, and the beach will soon to be crammed with day-trippers. Social media is about to be tidal wave of summer content, from selfies of vacationing couples, all the way to videos of the most adorable hiking and swimming dogs. But I have a salty confession to make...

I could not be any LESS excited! If I am being completely honest, I simply cannot stand the heat. I really can’t. The mere thought of summer makes me wither and suffer. I PERISH. Whilst other people will soon be swanning around in gorgeously feminine sundresses, and looking like perfectly bronzed beauties, I will soon be an overheating, sweaty mess with a face as pink as a freshly skinned salmon, and the pastiest legs which (no matter how much I tan) will continue to resemble a pair of milk bottles for the entire summer. I could tan them for weeks and they'd still be so paper-white that I could successfully direct aircraft into Logan airport just by waving my legs around. (Aren't you glad for the image that conjured in your mind?).

If I had it my way, I would press the fast-forward button all the way to spooky season, but since life isn't Burger King, and I can’t have it my way, and despite my hatred of summer, Kiba, my 5-year old Eurasier pup, really loves outdoor adventures in the sun, so, I will GALLANTLY slap on generous amounts of factor 50 sunscreen, slip into my least wintery shoes, and do my very best to give Kiba a summer of fun!

Whether we splash around in the shallows of the sea, or we explore nearby parks and trails, ensuring that Kiba is hydrated is always one of my top priorities, however, I personally don’t want him to drink out of puddles or streams due to the potential for dangerous bacteria and algae blooms, or to sip out of the communal water bowls which well-meaning, dog-friendly cafes and parks leave out for patrons and pawtrons. There are simply too many risks for kennel cough and bad bacterial buildups.

That’s why I have been using the KindTail Portabowl. It’s a convenient little bento-box for you to take on your walkies, road-trips, hikes, and other adventures with your pets. The Portabowl gives you 2 pet travel bowls nestled into one so that you can easily transport your pet’s food at snacks in one and use the other as a water bowl. The KindTail Portabowl is made from food-grade recycled BPA-free polypropylene, which makes it easy to wash, soft to the touch, and SO cute with several color and size options. Plus, the handle makes it so easy to carry, and its compact size makes it a breeze to slip into a backpack or tote. 

Tip: Did you know that with its nifty design, you can even use the lid of the Portabowl as a stabilizing base for the smaller dish which comes inside the box!

These bowls will be suitable for a wide variety of pets. The design is fantastic for dogs and is totally Kiba approved. It also stood up to my ferrets, and was even easy to use for my Bearded Dragon, Norbert! And - BONUS - the Portabowl is an award-winning pet product!

I’ve enjoyed KindTail’s quality and design so much that I have partnered with them long-term as one of my very few, select featured vendors here on That means you can purchase KindTail’s bowls directly from my online pet store HERE, and I get commission as a “thank-you" from KindTail, and at NO cost to you. It really helps with suppawting my channel, so thank you a TON in advance.

Happy adventures! If you'd like to show KindTail some additional love, feel free to follow their Instagram here: KindTail

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