Why I Choose Zen Habitats...And Always Will

Why I Choose Zen Habitats...And Always Will

Almost 3 years ago, I was flat broke, and broken as a person. 

It took every shattered ounce of my energy and the combined efforts of my closest friends, the local Police Department, a Domestic Violence Advocacy group, and hourly encouragement from my Coach to get me to finally leave a disturbingly volatile and frightening situation. 

It took 3 people I’d never met (including ex-military) coming to the home that was my prison, packing my animals up into a rented car, and ensuring that I got out safely. 

I can’t remember the first few months of my life in Colorado.

Every piece of me was so, so broken. I can remember that I slept a lot, and lived off of expired protein shakes. For a while, I ate one granola bar (freebies, sent by wellness companies to my wellness influencer roomie) cut into 3 pieces – breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

One of my first coherent thoughts was of desperately needing to set my reptiles up properly. I’d left behind my nice enclosures on the day I fled, and only had my snakes in small, glass enclosures. I remembered seeing Zen Habitats on my YouTube homepage and wishing I could offer such enclosures to my reptiles. Without much hope, I reached out to see if I could offer an exchange of services. Zen agreed to collaborate with me, and I was finally able to settle my animals into their gorgeous enclosures which I still use today.

But beyond providing me with enclosures for my pet reptiles to thrive in, they actually helped *me* to thrive as person.

Zen Habitats (much to my dismay) have never really shared all the good they do for reptiles, rescues, and people behind the scenes. That’s just not who they are. Despite being in a competitive market, I’ve never heard them say an unkind word about anyone, and I’ve been awed by their spirit of collaboration within the reptile community.

No drama, no theater. It’s just… Zen. 

I want everyone to that it was Zen Habitats that put me back together. I was a complete stranger when I reached out to them, and during my darkest hours Zen Habitats gave me structure, renewed purpose, the ability to rebuild my life. And further, Zen have continued to nurture my goals as an entrepreneur in the pet industry. They even invested in, and created a reptile accessory I designed.

And right now, they’re continuing to help so many who are struggling. 

  • They just lowered their prices to make Zen more affordable
  • Extended their warranty to 5 years
  • Are offering free shipping on ALL orders
  • And are making sure the team are thriving, not just surviving in today’s uncertain economy.

They’ll be mortified to read this. The whole team (who I love so much) at Zen live up to the companies name, and definitely don’t shout as loud as they could (and probably should) about how much they do for others, so I’m making that my business. I’ll always be grateful for what Zen Habitats has done for my animals, and for me. 

I reached out hoping they’d help me save my animals. But they ended up saving me in many, many ways.

Thank You, Zen Habitats.

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