How to setup a cage for a pet ferret

How to setup a cage for a pet ferret

I’ve been keeping ferrets now for over 15 years, and in that time, I’ve seen ferrets kept and cared for successfully and happily in lots of different ways. In the USA, ferrets are mostly kept as indoor pets, whereas in Europe, many ferret owners opt to keep their musty mustelids outdoors in converted and heated sheds.


Today, I will be sharing with you the setup I have used and loved for my 2 oldest ferrets, Dobby and Niffler, for almost 8 years. 

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My Personal Favorite Ferret setup Style

This is the setup that I personally have enjoyed the most, and which you will have seen in my Ferret Care YouTube videos. The enclosure is extremely spacious and can comfortably house between 1-3 ferrets. I particularly love the tunnel, which caters to a ferret’s natural desire and instinct to tunnel and explore, and the multiple levels which incentivize climbing, and promote great muscle tone. This enclosure has a very deep plastic edge which is great at keeping substrate and bedding in for the most part, but the door hatch is a little on the small side, making it more of a challenge to deep-clean.



The enclosure is called the Ferplast Ferret Tower, and I have found it suitable for Ferrets, Rats, and Chinchillas. For rats and chinchillas, you MUST provide ample chewing opportunities through wood blocks and species-appropriate chews, because if you don't, they may gnaw at the plastic in the enclosure. I have not had this issue with my ferrets, as ferrets are mustelids (like weasels) rather than rodents, and aren't as likely to gnaw as rodents.

Here is where you can find the Ferplast Ferret Tower
The current price of this ferret enclosure is $290.24 USD on Amazon, though this pricing can change depending on the seller. It is currently rated 4.1 stars out of 5, and has 1,010 reviews at the time of this blog posting. 

If you'd like to see a video on how I deep clean this enclosure, you can watch me right here: How I Clean My Ferret Enclosure


Litter Trays
Ferret owners know and understand that playtime and exploration is vital to the health of a pet ferret, however, even the most ferret-proofed rooms may fall prey to the accidental poop n' scoot. Ferrets love to back into corners in order to do their business, and I have personally enjoyed using the Corner Loo by Peyton's Pet Printables. Peyton is a young entrepreneur who designed her own litter trays for small pets, like ferrets and rabbits. I am honored to be partnered with her, and hope you will check out her aesthetic, functional, and easy to use corner loos! You can check them out right HERE.


Fleece bedding is generally the preferred bedding for many ferret owners, as it is low dust and can be cleaned in a washing machine, however, I am personally not a fan of using fleece liners and have preferred daily spot-cleaning of Carefresh odor control small pet bedding. It can be messier than fleece, and of course is not as eco-friendly or economical as fleece, but with a very busy schedule it is what has worked for me for years. It is 99% dust free, soft, and comes in a variety of colors (I like the white color best as it's easier to spot messes). You can grab your Carefresh bedding right here. 
On the very rare occasion, you may find that Carefresh is out of stock. When this happens, the Kaytee Clean and Cozy bedding is a good alternative, though not as soft as Carefresh, and I find it doesn't help control waste odor quite as well as Carefresh, which has odor-stop technology. 


Water and Food Bowls 
Ferrets are messy little critters, and they love to stick their busy hands and nosey snoots in everything! Because of this, I have found that mounting removable bowl feeders are the best choice. In particular, I have enjoyed these small pet feeding bowls by Kathson to be the best, and they come in a variety of cute colors! 
These bowls have stainless steel insertable bowls, which are easy to clean, and harbor far less bacteria that plastic bowls. If you're looking for a great ferret kibble, this is what I love to use. It's called Wysong Epigen 90, and is a great food for ferrets. I do highly recommend raw-feeding as ferrets are obligate carnivores and should eat meat, but I understand that it's not possible to feed 100% raw for everyone, so if you're looking for a better kibble, this one is great. Be sure to introduce your ferrets to new foods slowly and overtime to prevent upset stomachs!

Note: Ferrets shouldn't be given water exclusively from a dripper, because it can't quench their thirst well, and can damage their teeth. However, if you're travelling out of town overnight, or you're experiencing especially warm weather, having a dripper is a good safety net for hydration. Of all the water drippers I've found, this one by Living World Eco is low cost, easy to wash, and has a wider stainless-steel nozzle, making it easier for a ferret to access and drink from.


Hammocks and Beds
Ferrets may sleep for up to 18 hours a day, and they love to sleep and snuggle! Having soft pouches, fleece blankets, and hammocks will provide warmth, darkness, and a cozy place to snuggle together and recharge in-between playtimes! There are many handmade sets of ferret hammocks available on Etsy, but in a pinch, you can also buy them on Amazon. This ferret hammock set would be perfect in any ferret enclosure and has various patterns and size options.

And there you have it! This is the basic setup I have used for my pet ferrets for almost a decade, and they have been thriving in it. Please remember that ferrets are intelligent and social creatures, and will do best in at least duos or trios, and with regular interactive play with you everyday for at least 2-3 hours.

Ferrets really are the best of a kitten and a puppy all rolled into an adorable sausage body!

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