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Peytons Pet Printables

Corner Poo Protector (Medium - 7")

Corner Poo Protector (Medium - 7")

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A word from Em: 
When my ferrets do a toot ‘n scoot, there’s NOTHING worse than finding that a litter tray doesn’t reach up high enough, and now there’s a smelly mess all over an enclosure, or a wall – THE HORROR! 
With these corner loos by Peyton’s Pet Printables, I have peace of mind that my ferrets’ messes stay where they should. BONUS FACT: Peyton’s Pet Printables is a small, family-run business. I connected with 14 year-old Peyton (a member of our Creature Crew) when her father reached out to tell me all about her ferrety innovations and 3D printing. I simply couldn’t imagine a better litter tray to represent! Help support Emzotic AND a small family business with each purchase! 


Base: 7" x 7"
Height: 3/5"
Package: 11" x 8.5" x 5.5"

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