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Headlight Harness

Reflective Double Handle Leash

Reflective Double Handle Leash

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Winner of the 2023/24 Corporate LiveWire Award

A word from Em:
This is literally the ONLY leash I will trust! Not only is this leash the most comfortable I have ever held and used, but the strap is also ultra reflective when a cars headlights shine on the leash, providing high visibility, and giving Kiba and I an added layer of security from traffic at night. In addition, the bonus traffic loop feature towards the base of the leash is the perfect height to grab and bring Kiba into a perfect heel position, making crossing roads and navigating tight spaces and densely populated areas so much easier and safer than other leashes. Weatherproof, durable, comfy, and in a whole range of colors – this leash has it all and more! 

In Headlight Harness' words:
Another problem solved by the Headlight Harness Family! Do you find yourself constantly rolling your leash up around your arm to keep your dog close by? Not anymore! With our highly reflective, double handled leashes, simply use the lower handle to keep your dog at your side. Available with handles in Orange, Blue, Grey, or Pink. All of our leashes are 6 feet in length, have padded foam handles for added comfort, and highly reflective stitching to keep your walks comfortable and safe in any conditions!

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