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Headlight Harness

The Limited Edition EMerald Set

The Limited Edition EMerald Set

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Winner of the 2023/24 Corporate LiveWire Award

A word from Em:
Kiba lights up my world, but being SO dark (literally, a void) I have to light him up at night so that cars can see him and he can stay safe. I never have to worry about him being visible when he wears his Headlight Harness. The chest area features a light which at the push of a button, lights Kiba up. It’s a powerful light, but also adorable - he looks like Iron Man (or Iron Dog). The trim of the Headlight Harness is ULTRA reflective, and shines brightly when car lights shine on Kiba, providing additional safety for my lil Pupperoni and cheese. Safety first!

In Headlight Harness' words:
Our Limited Edition EMerald Harness and Leash Set in collaboration with Emzotic and Kiba the Eurasier!
The EMerald Green Headlight Harness and matching double handle leash is designed for the safety and comfort of our pets.
The Headlight Harness provides superior lighting both for you and those in your immediate surroundings. Highly Reflective, Water Resistant, and Light Weight, the Headlight Harness is the only dog harness you will ever need. The Integrated, Focused Beam LED in the chest projects light up to 100ft and lights up the path ahead while making you and your dog visible to everyone in the area. The Headlight Harness also keeps your pet secure in any vehicle. Simply sit them on the seat, and run the seatbelt through the sturdy handle on the back before buckling them in for a safe, secure, and calm ride to the park, vet, or anywhere your adventure might take you.
Our double handled leash is 6 feet in length and have padded foam handles in green, to match your harness. Our leashes are highly reflective to keep your walks comfortable and safe in any conditions!

This is a limited edition product. Hurry! Once they’re gone they won’t come back!

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About this product

  • Headlight Harness design with 80 lumen LED!
  • Ideal everyday dog harness that is easy to fit and put on.
  • Two (2) leash attachment points for more control.
  • Customizable fit courtesy of four points of adjustment.
  • Padded mesh chest and belly section for maximum comfort and range of motion.
  • Highly Reflective trim for added safety.
  • Utilizes a commonly available 9V battery (*Included).
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