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Zen Habitats

Zen Cave

Zen Cave

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A word from Em:
The Zen Cave is one of my pet reptiles favorite Zen Habitats accessories! The cave itself has 
a very good weight to it, ensuring that it's sturdy. The outside of the cave is rough, making it a favorite surface for my snakes to rub against when shedding, and the removable slate top makes for a great place to safely bask and soak up belly heat – no chances of burns or malfunctions, like traditional (and dangerous) heat rocks. This cave is perfect for so many different reptiles, and I have personally used them for my Bearded Dragon, Leopard Gecko, Chinese Water Dragon, and Vietnamese Blue Beauty snake. 

In Zen's words:
In the wild, reptiles love to bask on rocks and stones as it provides them a great opportunity to absorb infrared A & B (from the sunlight) and infrared C from the stone releasing stored heat. Our Zen Cave features a slatestone basking spot on top. This unique feature mimics nature by absorbing heat from the basking bulb and releasing the heat as infrared C. The cave also features a hiding spot for your pet. It'll become a favorite perch for your heat-loving reptile!

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Length: 18.5"
Depth: 15.5"
Height: 5.5"
Slate stone top: 9"x7"
Cave opening: 7.5"x4"
Weight: 9 lbs

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